Message from TESOL-Ukraine President Dr. Olena Ilienko


Dear TESWOL-Ukraine Members!

You know that since March we had to endure a previously unknown challenge – the COVID -19 pandemic. In the conditions of stress and uncertainty, we managed to switch to the emergency distance teaching mode, spend a lot of time and efforts on learning new computer platforms and programs, marked all the works of our students and gave a worthy assessment.

Unfortunately, we were not able to hold our annual meeting, TESOL-UKRAINE JUBILEE CONVENTION “25 YEARS OF TESOL IN UKRAINE: HONORING THE PAST AND SHAPING THE FUTURE” in Kyiv though we had been preparing for it and looking forward to it with such an excitement. More than 300 TESOL-Ukraine members and other English language teachers from secondary schools, universities, private schools as well as 32 Ukrainian and American presenters had registered for participation in the Convention before the pandemic. More than 100 teachers had submitted their papers for the Convention Book of Papers and we are pleased to inform you that an electronic version of the Book of Papers was published. We want to thank you all once again for your interest in the activities of our association and understanding. We would like to inform you that your membership fees and conference participation fees will be carried over to 2021, so you will no longer be making any fees for the membership in the association as well as our meeting in April 2021

Though the English Language Fellows’ and Ukrainian presenters’ help, the association was able to hold the 2020 TESOL-Ukraine Online Teacher Development Series, which included the following webinars:

  1. Workshop “Five Tools for Online Teaching” by Francisco Resto, English Language Fellow, U.S. Department of State.
  2. Workshop “Teaching with TubeQuizard – a Website for Creating Quizzes Based on YouTube Videos” by Olha Lysak, TESOL-Ukraine.
  3. Workshop “How Disadvantages of Online Teaching Can Become Advantages. I Did It and You Can” by Iolanta  Didzhiulite, TESOL-Ukraine.
  4. Workshop “Choice Boards: A Tool for Engaging Learners, Providing Differentiation and Promoting Learner Autonomy” by Kate Wilkinson, English Language Fellow, U.S. Department of State.
  5. Workshop “Using Graphic Organizers for Better Teaching and Learning” by Wendy Finlayson English Language Fellow, U.S. Department of State.

As the result, 60 English language teachers participated in the seminars and got their certificates.

Thanks to the help of the Regional English Language Office in Ukraine, 63 group leaders of TESOL-Ukraine association had a wonderful opportunity to participate in TESOL 2020 Virtual Convention and English Language Expo on July 16-18. The participants mention they feel empowered by the innovative ideas they got from the presentations and group communication. The Convention helped us feel ourselves as a part of the Global TESOL Community! Olena Semykina has made a wonderful collage with the photos of some Convention participants.

I wish all of you to have a good rest, relaxation and get ready to restart school. You are real professionals and the most devoted English language teachers of Ukraine so we are able to make our professional life more diversified and exciting in the next academic year!