Quarantine Update


Dear TESOL-Ukraine members,

We hope you stay healthy and optimistic in those unsettling times and cope with the challenges of the distant teaching and learning.

We would like to inform you again that the 2020 National TESOL-Ukraine Convention is rescheduled for November 2020. All the conference fees you have paid are valid and all the abstracts will be published before the days of the Convention.

As many of the colleagues planned publishing their abstracts in the TESOL-Ukraine Convention book for the academic year 2019-2020 and now need to  present the reports for this kind of work, we would like to suggest an alternative for you.

As you know, we planned to have 2020TESOL-Ukraine Forum for Young Researchers this spring but had to reschedule it also for the fall 2020. Yet we decided to issue the electronic version of the Forum Book of Papers in June 2020. So, those interested can apply and publish an abstract (2-3 pages) or an article (5-10 pages) in the Forum book, get a Certificate and report on participation in the event at the end of this academic year. In case the quarantine measures are over by June, we will do our best and publish a paper copy of the Forum book as well. The Forum is officially registered as an international conference at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Attached you will find the information about the 2020TESOL-Ukraine Forum for Young Researchers. If you have any questions, please, contact the Organizing Committee.


2020 Forum for Young Researchers Eng.