Training “Classroom Management and Lesson Planning”


Слайд1Training: “Classroom Management and Lesson Planning” by Yuliia Savenko

The three day training for teachers of English were conducted by the certified trainer Yuliia Savenko on August 13-15, 2021.

Trainer: Julia Savenko is a CELTA teacher, a trainer within the campaign of the Ministry of education of Ukraine and the British Council Ukraine “English teachers as change agents” and the trainer of English teachers within NUS campaign.

Participants of the training learnt:

  • managing lessons and learners, using different interaction patterns;
  • making effective use of resoiurces and equipment;
  • understanding teacher’s language;
  • producing effective lesson plans.

Classroom Management and Planning Participants зображення_viber_2021-08-15_13-24-33-568 зображення_viber_2021-08-14_13-04-47-176 зображення_viber_2021-08-15_13-29-15-590 зображення_viber_2021-08-15_13-49-56-380